The Good Place best of

Man, 2018 was a good week for television. There really are just too many shows and you can’t always get to everything. I’m still a season behind in Lovesick (Scrotal Recall) and haven’t gotten around to trying L.A. to Vegas or Rotten.I’m very embarrassed that I haven’t watched the new Crazy Ex-Girlfriend or Inside No. 9 yet, but after being late for the 2017 article, I wanted to get this one out early. I hope you all find some new recommendations! I think 2019 may even be a better year of TV! And without further ado…

Best Episodes of 2018

End of the Fucking World best of

1) The End of the F***ing World, “Episode 1” (Season One, Episode 1)

2) The End of the F***ing World, “Episode 3” (Season One, Episode 3)

3) The End of the F***ing World, “Episode 2” (Season One, Episode 2)

4) Speechless, “N-e-New Y-Year’s E-Eve” (Season Two, Episode 11)

5) The Good Place, “Leap to Faith” (Season Two, Episode 9)

6) Superstore, “Viral Video” (Season Three, Episode 8)

7) Grown-ish, “Bitch, Don’t Kil My Vibe” (Season One, Episode 2)

8) Grown-ish, “Late Registration” (Season One, Episode 1)

9) The X-Files, “My Struggle III” (Season Eleven, Episode 1)