Sorry, we’re late but we were blown away from Kansas and this guy with a balloon took forever to offer us a ride. In a weird coincidence, we all reviewed The Wizard of Oz! We also listened to the Brazilian legend Caetano Veloso, we appreciated the return of Patsy Cline and then we told everyone around us that WE ARE NOT A NUMBER.

Also we had some weird audio issues during the recording of this episode so there are some annoying wind sounds near the end. Austin was able to edit almost all of them out, but a few were annoyingly midsentence. He did have to cut out Sarah’s henge rating for Wizard of Oz (4.9) and Pedro’s for the album (4). APOLOGIES!

Intro / Off the List 0:00 – 16:33

The Wizard of Oz 16:33 – 49:13

Caetano Veloso 49:13 – 57:12

I Fall to Pieces 57:12 – 1:02:22

The Prisoner 1:02:22 – 1:17:18

Outro 1:17:18 – 1:19:10

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Artwork by Ray Martindale

Opening tune and clips by Adam Lord